Broken Water Pipe

Broken Water Pipe?

“5” Steps to Take Immediately!

1. Shut Off The Water Main

First thing, turn off the water flow when you suspect a pipe has broken, even if you don’t know where the water’s coming from.

If the broken water pipe is under your sink or behind your washer & dryer, just turn off both the cold & hot water valves. If you’re unable to locate the broken pipe, you must turn off the main water supply. You’ll find the stop tap on the water main. For most DFW homes, it is typically located in the rear of the home along the alleyway or the front of the house close to the street. Every family member should know the location of the water shut-off valve for emergencies.

Once the main water switch is off, you’ll need to drain the pipes. To do this, run the cold water on all the faucets. Be sure to flush each toilet at least once. Shut off the hot water heater. Once the hot water system is off, go back to each faucet and run the hot water to drain that supply. When there is no more running tap water, the leak will stop.

2. Locate The Broken Pipe To Inspect The Damage

After draining all the excess water, locate the broken pipe. Inspect the damage and consider where the pipe is located before you run off to the Home Depot. Regardless of the damage or size of the break, a major water pipe will take more time and effort to replace because it holds more water and leads to additional connections, as opposed to a single pipe under the bathroom sink.

If It’s A Small Water Line Break

You might be able to patch it and prevent further damage while saving money. If you use a commercial tape or chemical bonding agent, however, keep an eye on that repair job, because it might burst later and you’ll back where you started.

3. Shut Off The Electricity To The Affected Area

You will also want to shut off the electrical power to that area of the house as a precaution against shocks.

4. Repair the burst pipe

Repairing a rupture or crack in a non-main pipe is usually fairly straightforward, but it can become expensive depending on the repair material you choose. At this point, your best option is to call MVP Restoration. We always work with local DFW plumbers. That said, we’ll have a list of the best ones.

5. You Need Water Damager Restoration ASAP!

If the water from the burst pipe is on the walls or ceilings as well as the floor, contact a professional water restoration company. Simply using fans and open windows to dry a soaked area is an invitation to mold, mildew, and even serious illness for your family. If you have successfully restored your home to its original state or fixed a burst pipe on your own, congratulations! Be sure to run the cold water, then the hot water; and don’t forget to flush the toilets before normal usage begins.


Don’t worry, call MVP Restoration, our team of professionals is here to help you with your water damage emergency. We’re available 24/7 and have fast response times so that we can get out to your home or business and stop the water damage immediately. With our 20+ years of experience and professional technicians, we will remove the moisture and dry out your home or business.

With a network of general contractors, we can assist in not only the water remediation but also the reconstruction process if it is needed.

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